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We are passionate AEDP practitioners if you are curious about this work or have many trainings under your belt this is the place to connect and grow!

We hope this website will be a resource for those who want to learn about AEDP, deepen their skills and desire to be a part of a growing AEDP community here in sunny San Diego.

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About Us

The AEDP community has been growing in San Diego for a number of years. Core founders of this group include:

PenelopeAndrade 2Penelope Young Andrade, LCSW is author of the award winning book  Emotional Medicine Rx: Cry When You’re Sad, Stop When You’re Done, Feel Good Fast! For more than 30 years Penelope has been studying and integrating the best of  traditional and alternative psychotherapies including Bowen Family Systems, Psychosynthesis, Biodynamics, Somatic Experiencing (SE) and Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP). Penelope and her husband, Arturo, developed and researched the innovative VIVO Oral Focus method for body-oriented self-soothing. Penelope lectures and trains therapists and lay audiences throughout the country, inspiring people everywhere about the boons and benefits of Emotional Medicine.  To reach Penelope visit or email her directly at

TamiChelewTami Chelew is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist #79759 and has a private practice in Scripps Ranch, San Diego. Tami is a dually certified AEDP and AEDP for Couples therapist. She is a Certified EFT therapist and Supervisor and AAMFT Supervisor. She is a certified Sexual Addiction Therapist, CSAT and has Level 3 training in Attachment Trauma Based EMDR. Tami treats couples seeking to heal and repair from affairs and sexual compulsivity and offers One or Two Day Couples Intensives. Tami also treats individuals. She is married to her best friend of close to 30 years with two grown daughters and two grandsons. To reach Tami, visit or email her directly at

Elizabeth Perkins, LMFT #53764 has a private practice in Mission Valley. She specializes in working with people who suffer from depression or anxiety, but whose public facing selves are high functioning. Liz believes her AEDP training not only helps her clients find their own internal transformance but that doing this work transforms the therapist as well. Liz is always happy to answer questions from anyone thinking about taking the AEDP trainings.



Upcoming AEDP Events:

Anthony Matthews LCSW and Penelope Young Andrade LCSW are pleased to invite you to join us for a special viewing of the video, “Using AEDP to Overcome Shame and Heal Attachment Trauma with Gay and Straight Men” by AEDP faculty Benjamin Lipton LCSW and Ben Medley LCSW.

This training video will show how men use defensive strategies like denial and dissociation to conceal shame and feelings of aloneness. We will see in-session excerpts how master therapists use AEDP to access and process emotions from a therapeutic stance of affirmation and authenticity.

This is the first time we have offered this video. We hope you can participate to learn both theory and practical techniques and interventions.  Whether you work with gay, straight, trans or nonbinary men or women we’ve found that watching the skillful use of AEDP methods is always informative for our own clinical practice.

We’ll hand out maps of the 4 states of AEDP (Defense, Core Affect, Transformational Experience, Core State) to help us collaboratively track clients’ journeys to healing and wholeness.

When: Saturday, November 2
Time: 12-3pm
Location: Sarah Nunnink’s home
2525 San Marcos Ave, San Diego, CA 92104
Cost: $20.00 for Psychotherapists, $10.00 for students

Please bring your own lunch/snack. Please RSVP to


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Past AEDP Events:

AEDP Immersion course with Diana Fosha
August 8—12 at Pt Loma Nazarene University

Dr. Fosha has opened up the world of psychodynamic therapy for moment to moment relational and emotional healing. In addition to a clear and grounded understanding of the healing power of emotion, Diana has profoundly shifted the view of therapeutic work from one of pathology and combatting resistance to positive psychology and encouraging transformance…a word she coined to reflect the innate self-righting drive all humans possess.

News Flash: Early results from our ongoing AEDP research project indicate that AEDP matches effectiveness with EFT and CBT for anxiety reduction and is even more effective for reducing symptoms of depression.

An additional benefit of AEDP training, is that the principles are applicable no matter what model of treatment you are using. Practitioners of EFT, IFS, EMDR, SE, Sensorimotor Therapy, Classical analysts of all persuasions, etc. find their practice deepen in effectiveness and professional fulfillment.

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Did you know the AEDP Institute offers Diversity Scholarships?

Diversity Scholarships (DS) are awarded primarily on the basis of financial need. Applicants who work for underserved, financially struggling patient populations are given priority in receiving the DS. Socio-economic disadvantage is considered a legitimate and distinct diversity category while at the same time linked to other diversity categories.